Tyler Perry Studios Attracts Thousands for Early Thanksgiving Giveaway

Tyler Perry Studios Attracts Thousands for Early Thanksgiving Giveaway

the hand-off of goods was all curbside pickup, and everyone receiving a care package was asked to wear masks. Tyler’s done everything from tipping the hell out of a local restaurant staff — with upwards of $20k-plus — and also picked up the tabs of grocery shoppers in NOLA and Atlanta earlier this year too. Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta became the site of incredibly long lines of cars Sunday morning as folks came from all over to jump on the food drive giveaway the studio dubbed TPSGiving … The TPS employees were covered in PPE from head to toe as well, so by all accounts … 11/22/2020 10:44 AM PT

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Courtesy Of Tyler Perry Studios

Tyler Perry was in the giving mood this weekend — and it appears thousands more were in the receiving mood ahead of an extremely challenging Thanksgiving. Check out this drone footage TMZ obtained that shows a bird’s-eye view of the scene — you can see traffic backed up all along the surrounding freeway there … promised to offer up nonperishables as well as gift cards to the first 5,000 families to pull up to their grounds … Courtesy of Tyler Perry Studios

TP and co. and the people heard them loud and clear, because the cars started arriving as early as Saturday afternoon, and only grew bigger going into Sunday — with the drive going from 8 AM ET to noon. The charitable deed is nothing new on Tyler’s part, especially as the pandemic has ravaged much of the country. it was as safe as can be for this type of thing. which aimed to feed 5,000 families. Courtesy of Tyler Perry Studios

As for how it was carried out, Tyler’s staff made sure to keep coronavirus in mind … and word on the ground is that it was even more packed than what this shows.