Tekashi 6ix9ine Releases New Video Upon Release, No Major Legal Issues

Tekashi 6ix9ine Releases New Video Upon Release, No Major Legal Issues

It’s no surprise … Also, dude didn’t need a permit for the way he was filming … Most people thought he’d go into witness protection, but he’s shunned that, and the music video is evidence … it doesn’t sound like any criminal charges would stick to him from this. Anyway, here’s the first of what we’re sure will be many new videos and songs to come now that the boy is out and about. The cars are crazy — 2 colorful Lambos, an orange McLaren, a yellow Dodge Charger and a Benz. which was basically guerrilla-style. otherwise, cops would have shut it down. alongside some super wild rides. There’s a part where they’re on the bridge on top of the cars, seemingly driving recklessly … which has caught the attention of NYPD. Be easy out there, 6ix9ine. It’s not a bad song either … 8/2/2020 1:16 PM PT

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1:14 PM PT — Welp, that was fast. So, no harm no foul, really, legally speaking. he’s not hiding from anyone. a few security guards were patrolling the area, along with a massive entourage. It’s pretty clear they had permits to shoot the video … Tekashi 6ix9ine is fully free, having just completed house arrest, and he’s already out shooting a music video. Originally published — 7:27 AM PT Now, if you watch it … Law enforcement sources tell us they’re alarmed at the behavior and could potentially summons him for violating basic traffic laws, but we’re also told … We got this vid of Tekashi out in Brooklyn Sunday, bright and early (7:30 AM) …. Security was blocking several streets, stopping drivers from coming through. as for the production value, we’ll let you judge. you’ll see that the dude and his posse are on the move and kinda all over the city — or at least all around that borough. The video Tekashi was filming JUST THIS MORNING is already up out in the ether — as in, it’s up on YouTube mere hours after shooting it. The song’s called “PUNANI” and it features T69 and a bunch of his on-set buddies cruising around Brooklyn in a crap ton of Lambos and SUVs — flashing cash, showing off hot girls, the usual really. Tekashi, who was released from house arrest Saturday, is on 5 years supervised probation.