Stonewall Jackson Statue Removed by Crews in Virginia

Stonewall Jackson Statue Removed by Crews in Virginia

A peaceful crowd gathered to take pics of Stonewall’s monument getting the ol’ heave-ho. 7/1/2020 12:20 PM PT

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BRING IT DOWN!!! Legend has it he rushed troops forward to close a gap against a Union attack. the city took matters into its own hands. There was concern the statues were a hazard as nationwide protests continued. Crews on the city’s famed Monument Avenue took down Stonewall following weeks of unrest that saw protesters destroy or vandalize other Confederate statues. A general is reported to have said, “Look, men, there is Jackson standing like a stone wall.”

Well, his statue’s no longer standing in his home state. @JeremyMcPike/Twitter

Stonewall Jackson’s going the way of other Confederate leaders — his statue in Richmond, VA has been toppled, but not by angry protesters … The statue had been targeted by protesters who’d already the torn down the Jefferson Davis statue. He said it needed to come down as a matter of public safety. The Mayor reportedly bypassed a special meeting with the City Council to vote on a resolution calling for the statue’s removal — and just pulled the plug himself. Jackson — who wanted VA to remain in the Union but remained loyal when it seceded in April 1861 — earned his nickname at the First Battle of Bull Run in July 1861. Richmond’s Mayor Levar Stoney ordered the immediate removal Wednesday of the statue honoring the Civil War general for the Confederation.