MSNBC’s Brian Williams Mocks Trump’s COVID Response in Exit Monologue

MSNBC’s Brian Williams Mocks Trump’s COVID Response in Exit Monologue

😝 check out Brian Williams going full Jonathan Swift on President Trump’s COVID response, and Geraldo’s praise for the Prez. If you take BW at his word here, it sounds like he’s completely on Trump’s side — but, as his remarks go on … Then comes the full farce … Brian says it’s possible we aren’t giving Trump enough credit for his FDR-like commitment to eradicating the virus and the relief efforts he’s fast-tracked to help people struggling. Watch for yourself, it’s a riot. It’s a master class in tongue-in-cheek humor — but honestly, Brian’s tongue might be tearing out of his cheek with this one. which Brian then proceeded to piggy-back on and take it to a whole new level of ass-kissing. 11/21/2020 11:49 AM PT

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Dripping with sarcasm


Anyone looking to get schooled in sarcasm, irony or satire … The MSNBC anchor ended his broadcast Friday night by mocking Geraldo Rivera over-praising Trump’s handling of the virus on ‘FOX & Friends’ … He also asks where would we be without Trump’s constant lecturing to the American people that masks are crucial and must be worn. Brian goes on to compare what Trump Steaks did for the hungry, what Trump Water did the for thirsty, and what Trump University did for the uneducated — comparing all that to what Trump did here with ‘rona. it becomes clear he’s doing nothing but making fun of the Prez, because everything he’s saying isn’t true.