Man Paints Over NYC Trump Tower ‘BLM’ Street Mural, Gets Arrested

Man Paints Over NYC Trump Tower ‘BLM’ Street Mural, Gets Arrested

The officers also shoo off the people that are recording, but we get the gist of it. Even when the responding officer gets right up in his face and tries yanking him up, the guys keeps at it — smearing every last drop he can. again. 8/1/2020 10:47 AM PT

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A NYC man was so intent on painting over the Black Lives Matter street mural in front of Trump Tower … Play video content



Of course, it’s not the only place a ‘BLM’ mural has been tainted with paint. eventually, more cops come and restrain him. Cops say they arrested Mark David Hutt for criminal mischief and gave him a desk appearance ticket. It was vandalized … Eventually, some NYPD cops roll up and put a stop to it. perhaps as his final act of defiance. Those folks used paintbrushes to make a mess — but hey, some people are old-fashioned with their dirty work. This marks at least the fourth time the ‘BLM’ mural has been vandalized since it was painted July 9. not even cops pulling him off the ground was gonna slow him down. BTW, the guy kicks a paint can as he’s being led away … He’s literally spreading it with his own limbs, and doesn’t care who’s watching. This wild incident went down earlier this week in the Big Apple, right in front of Trump’s signature building and residence on 5th Avenue — where a giant ‘BLM’ street mural was recently etched and painted right out front. It’s insane … frantically trying to spread white and red paint over the yellow ‘BLM’ lettering. Another Trump-related vandalism act went down after 4th of July in the Bay Area. The camera starts rolling right in the middle of the action, with the guy in question on his hands and knees …