L.A. Cops Tase Man Trying to Help at Car Accident Scene

L.A. Cops Tase Man Trying to Help at Car Accident Scene

referring to the man who was being tased. so they tased him. L.A. due to the use of force. 12/2/2020 8:10 AM PT

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A man who tried to flag down cops to assist with a car accident is now hospitalized after deputies tased him — but cops say they took him down because of how he was acting. We’re told both men — who are related — were taken to a hospital to be evaluated for injuries. While the second man was cited for battery and obstruction and released … In the video, you see another man run out of a nearby house and yell, “He’s not in his right mind” … The entire incident is under investigation by the Sheriff’s Dept. People on the scene say the man was trying to get the cops’ attention for the accident victims. we’re told the guy who was tased is still in the hospital. County Sheriff’s deputies were responding to the car crash Tuesday when the man ran into the street and blocked their patrol car. Deputies also took down the second guy, slamming him to the ground … However, law enforcement sources tell us the man got hostile when deputies got out to speak with him … without deploying a taser.