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Post Malone Cops Dallas Cowboys Pendant Dripping in Diamonds

but still, it’s insane. 1960. 12/2/2020 12:30 AM PT

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Angel City Jewelers

Post Malone’s easing the pain of a brutal season for his Dallas Cowboys with lots and lots of diamonds — which won’t bring back Dak Prescott, but man do they shine!!! for a new pendant. This one’s 14-karat gold, weighs 207 grams and, most importantly, features a whopping 29 carats of diamonds. Angel City Jewelers

You can see the pendant’s a tribute to America’s Team and its NFL birth year … How ’bout them diamonds!!! There’s a nice custom touch on the back … The pendant’s value is over $50k, which falls way short of the $250k he dropped for his other Cowboys chain … the words “A Star is Born July 4th” — PM’s birthday — and the oh-so-humble title of “#1 Fan.”


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Tough to argue with that, though, when Post’s still dropping 5-figures to celebrate a team that’s struggling hard. The rapper added to his ‘boys bling collection after hitting up Angel City Jewelers in L.A. The pendant also features an American flag, in case anyone forgets their nickname.

Yelp Disables Comments on Homophobic L.A. Woman’s Business Page

Bisignano owns a beauty biz in Beverly Hills called Gina’s Eyelashes and Skincare, so after seeing video of her spewing homophobic comments at an L.A. 12/2/2020 1:00 AM PT

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Gina Bisignano — the latest “Karen” to let hate speech fly — received major business backlash for her bigotry on Yelp … If a person tries, they get this message instead — “This business recently received increased public attention in the news, which often means people come to this page to post their views on the news rather than a first-hand consumer experience.”

Here’s a sample of some of the reviews that were left beforehand though … It got flooded with bad reviews, and got so bad so quickly Yelp decided to temporarily suspend the option to leave a review. it seems several outraged Internet users took it out on her shop’s Yelp page. where people loaded her page with negative reviews until postings got temporarily shut down. so far Gina’s only response to the fallout from her public, anti-gay display is announcing on Facebook, “I was attacked online.” protest of COVID lockdowns … — “Owner of this salon is a blatant racist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, conspiracy theorist, tar faced loser.”

— “If you want tarantula lashes and a corpse complexion, please call this bigot for your next KKK gathering.”

— “This place is great. They help create the illusion of beauty on the outside, so I can hide all my hateful, Q conspiracies, and homophobia on the inside.”

Yelp says it’s working to investigate whether this batch of new reviews “reflects actual consumer experiences rather than the recent events.”

As we reported …

Timbaland, Swizz Beatz Talk Potential Diddy vs. Dre After Record-Setting ‘Verzuz’

he didn’t tip his hand, but certainly makes it sound like there have been conversations. Check out Wednesday’s “TMZ Live” to see what/who else they’ve got cooking for season 2 of “Verzuz.”

Swizz says a lot of dream showdowns are just up to the universe — so keep the positive vibes going for your fave. We’ll give Swizz credit … That battle rated higher than any singing talent show or music awards show, aside from the Grammys — but Timbaland and Swizz have some ideas on how to go even higher. Dre is the next epic “Verzuz” the people wanna see … We asked them point-blank about the matchup social media’s been screaming to see — and you gotta see their reactions. Play video content


Verzuz/Apple Music

In fact, both legends told us no one thought Jeezy and Gucci could ever be in the same room … just to talk, never mind facing off in a music battle. Enter Diddy and Dre? So, they’re making it clear — everything’s on the table now as far as upcoming “Verzuz” showdowns. “Verzuz” creators, and producing icons, Timbaland and Swizz Beatz joined us on “TMZ Live” to talk about how to follow up the record-setting 9 million viewers they got for Young Jeezy vs. Gucci Mane. 12/2/2020 12:40 AM PT

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Diddy battling Dr. the masterminds behind the battle show-turned-phenomenon know it too — and they’re not ruling it out. Translation: They’re saying there’s a chance.

Snoop Launching Pro Boxing League, Massive Fight in the Works

And of course, SNOOP BACK IN THE ANNOUNCER BOOTH! basically, like the Mike Tyson card. The rapper has teamed up with Triller co-owner Ryan Kavanaugh to launch a brand new pro boxing league called “The Fight Club” … Play video content


“This was the first event of a league that we have called ‘The Fight Club,'” Kavanaugh said. “It’s a league owned by Proxima, which is the parent company to Triller and Snoop, and this was the first of many, many events.”

Kavanaugh says Snoop is a co-owner of the league — plus, he’ll be doing fight commentary and helping book the fights and musical acts! TMZ Sports was talking with Kavanaugh about Snoop’s wildly entertaining performance as a commentator at the Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. Kavanaugh says he’s already got a MAJOR sanctioned fight in the works involving some huge stars. fight … and we’re told there’s already a blockbuster event in the works! when Ryan dropped the bombshell on us. “I can tell you that the main fight — I can’t say it yet — but it’s gonna be something that everybody wants to see. “This is gonna be big,” Kavanaugh says … 12/2/2020 12:20 AM PT



Forget Brad Pitt, there’s a new “Fight Club” in town — and this time, it’s Snoop Dogg calling the shots! Jones Jr.] is big, I think that this would be even larger from a worldwide-appetite perspective and something that people want to see.”

Kavanaugh says the undercard will be stacked too — they’re currently looking at social media stars, actors, musicians, athletes and pro boxers to get in on the action. If you thought [Tyson vs. “The whole idea is we want to change up the way that boxing is done.”

The plan is for “The Fight Club” to put on both sanctioned fights and non-sanctioned fights …

Guess Who This Girl In Green Turned Into!

With her hilarious jokes and comedic timing, she won herself a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Comedy Series in 2017. she made her own way in the acting industry by starring in some of television’s most beloved series. Also, this cute kid grew up with quite a large family … Although this little lady has an incredibly famous mother … Launch Gallery



Before this girl in green was making audiences laugh with her hilarious television roles, she was just another smiling sweetheart growing up in Los Angeles, California. Can you guess who she is? 12/2/2020 12:01 AM PT


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Guess Who! she is one of 7 children!

Malik Beasley’s Wife ‘Blindsided’ By Photo of NBA Star with Larsa Pippen

In the photos, 24-year-old Beasley and 46-year-old Pippen are wearing masks and holding hands while walking out in public. Then, things got worse when she saw Malik was out galavanting with Larsa. 12/1/2020 1:36 PM PT



Malik Beasley’s wife had NO IDEA the NBA star was hanging out with Larsa Pippen in Miami last week until she saw photos online … Sources close to Beasley’s wife Montana Yao tell TMZ Sports … and she was disappointed when he didn’t make it back. Our sources tell us Yao — who has a child with Beasley — had expected Malik to be home in Minnesota for his 24th birthday on Nov. 26 … We’re being told Yao is pretty upset about the whole situation — and doesn’t know if things will be salvageable with Malik. We’ve reached out to Beasley’s camp — but so far, no comment. and she ain’t happy about it! Larsa is wearing a pretty sexy outfit with no bra. 23 outing in Miami. she was “blindsided” when she saw the pics of the Minnesota Timberwolves star arm-in-arm with Pippen during a Nov.

Puppy Attacked by Python in Australia

And, if you care, the python was said to be fine too. Reptiles, man — they’re something else. Jasper ended up being okay — aside from a bite in his ear, which his owners treated, he’s back to his usual self. You see them smack it in hopes of forcing the snake to let go, and even lift it up and swing it around while it’s still got a grip on Jasper. It happens in a matter of seconds — Jasper’s casually sniffing around when .the python strikes from out of a bush. The owner eventually manages to toss the python aside, and we’re here to tell you this story has a happy ending … Jasper tries to squirm away, but the snake’s grasp is secure. for both animals. Thankfully, the owners realized what was happening and hurried out to free their baby canine from the serpent, but it wasn’t easy. like this one almost did. Check out this scary footage of a carpet python latching on to a 9-week-old puppy named Jasper, trying to squeeze the life out of the pup in a backyard near Brisbane. 12/1/2020 1:12 PM PT

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Youtube / Wolf Hope

Pet ownership in Australia is freakin’ wild — snakes and other scary critters will try to eat your dog whole …

Monolith in the Utah Desert Removed by 4 Men, Not Aliens

Ross says a group of 4 men arrived after his group and, as if on a mission, toppled over the monolith and dismantled it … Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media. No word if these same men are on their way to Romania. 12/1/2020 11:41 AM PT

Utah Department of Public Safety

The disappearance of this monolith won’t appear in “Unsolved Mysteries” … No tools required, apparently. in less than 10 minutes!!! as if the group was there specifically to remove the shiny structure that captivated the entire globe. The photog added, “They quickly broke it apart and as they were carrying it to the wheelbarrow that they had brought, one of them looked back at us all and said ‘Leave no trace.'”

Ross says he didn’t stop the group from taking down the monolith, explaining … You’ll recall this monolith appeared in the Utah desert back on November 18 and it was mysteriously removed a mere 10 days later. “they were right to take it out” because the next day it drew massive crowds roughing up a delicate desert. ’cause a hawk-eyed photographer solved the case after catching 4 Earth dwellers in the act. Ross says he had been sitting there taking a break when the group came up out of nowhere and told them, “You better have got your pictures” … Well, photographer Ross Bernards has the receipts to prove 4 men showed up on the same evening he had been there with his boys to pay the monolith a visit.

Joe Biden Steps Out in Protective Boot After Breaking Foot

12/1/2020 11:48 AM PT

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Joe Biden is giving his broken foot woes the boot … after exiting his SUV (without assistance) he struck a pose, lifting the boot pretty high, almost like a soldier. By the looks of it, Biden’s probably gonna be just fine … When asked how he’s feeling, he flashed a thumbs up. Shutterstock Premier

Of course, that’s not to downplay the seriousness of his injury — remember, his doctor said he suffered a hairline fracture in his middle foot area when he took a tumble playing with his German shepherd, Major. quite literally. a vast improvement from how fragile he looked limping out of his doctor’s office over the weekend. now accessorized with a walking boot on his right foot. Shutterstock Premier

Doesn’t look like the boot was giving JB much trouble … Biden will be in a boot for the foreseeable future — several weeks the doc predicts — so get used to these images. The President-elect was spotted Tuesday in Wilmington, DE, popping into the Queen Theater to announce new cabinet members, and he was dressed to the nines in his usual navy blue suit …

Shooter Opens Fire on Woman in What Police are Calling Targeted Hit

The driver of the truck jumps out and begins firing. The SUV driver flees the scene and the shooter follows her. suddenly a truck across the street drives behind the SUV and blocks her. Originally Published — 9:52 AM PT Around 30 seconds later the victim returns to the condo and runs inside, yelling to her friend, “I’m shot!”

The victim’s condition is unknown. cops believe this was a targeted hit in which the suspect was waiting for the woman to leave her residence and clearly trying to kill her. and all signs point to a hit job. The woman leaves the residence and gets in her SUV, but as she backs up … The video footage from a home security cam shows the horrifying scene played out Saturday … Police are searching for the shooter. in Michigan. We’re told the victim was shot at least twice and is currently hospitalized in stable condition, and thankfully recovering from non-life-threatening injuries. A woman trying to leave a condo complex got ambushed by a man in a pickup truck, who opened fire on her … Cops say the shooting suspect has not been identified and is still at large, and no motive has been established at this time. You hear at least 8 shots ring out, as her friend screams from outside the condo. 12/1/2020 10:39 AM PT

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10:36 AM PT — According to Sterling Heights police …

‘Juno’ Star Elliot Page Comes out as Trans

As you know … While Elliot, formerly known as Ellen, says he’s happy to come out as trans, he says he’s also scared … he shared his truth Tuesday morning, saying he’s finally loving himself enough to pursue his “authentic self.”


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Elliot says folks in the trans community inspired him to come out, and he’s pledging to support them and try and make our society more loving and equal. Although Elliot doesn’t name names … 12/1/2020 11:18 AM PT

“Juno” and “Umbrella Academy” star Elliot Page is coming out as trans … Elliot addresses the threats facing the trans community head-on, saying he will do everything he can to take on the “harassment, self-loathing, abuse and threat of violence every day.” He takes a pointed shot at “political leaders” who’ve attacked the trans community. because of the invasiveness, hate, jokes and violence that too often happen to the trans community. he previously came out as gay when he was still going by Ellen back in 2014, but now he’s going by Elliot and he says he loves being trans and queer. in the past, he’s been vocally critical of Vice President Mike Pence.

S. Korea Passes BTS-Friendly Law for Mandatory Military Service

Korea bent over backward for their biggest boy band is astounding. Gallery

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BTS Performance Pics

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Strangely, the nation does allow certain exemptions to their conscription policy — Korean Olympic athletes who get medals, and Korean musicians who get awards don’t have to serve at all, so long as they’re internationally recognized as such. 12/1/2020 8:42 AM PT

Breaking News


BTS is so big, they just forced their government to give ’em a longer leash on when they’ll have to drop everything and enlist in the military … South Korea has long had a law called the Military Service Act — which requires every able-bodied male in the country to serve at least 20 months before they turn 28 … which is unprecedented. Korea’s justification for bending the rules … Mind you, K-Pop singers will NOT be completely exempt from serving — they’ll have to put down the mic and pick up a gun by at least 30 under this rule change … and you’re set! but the fact S. BTS brings so much cultural and economic prosperity to the country — especially now that they’ve broken through with international audiences — it’d be a shame to rip a key member away when he’s about to be in the prime of his musical career. S. Sounds like all you have to do there to get off the hook is bring in a little prestige (and dough) … On Tuesday, however, the parliament tweaked that — allowing top K-Pop artists (who receive government accolades) a 2-year deferment, which they specifically did to appease the oldest BTS member, Kim Seok-jin, who turns 28 this week. and K-Pop boy band members were no exception.

L.A. Woman Goes on Homophobic Rant Protesting COVID Lockdown

Believe it or not, the video got even worse when the woman made an outlandish accusation about abortions. The video starts with the woman firing off a homophobic slur at the person recording her. In the worst way possible. a hate-spewing “Karen.”

This woman, not wearing a mask, went on a homophobic rant while protesting outside the home of L.A. There were about 50 people marching Sunday, most of whom seemed to merely be protesting the economic impact of California’s latest round of coronavirus restrictions — but this woman’s hate speech made her stand out from the crowd. just for good measure. Also worth noting is her wardrobe choice for the occasion. 12/1/2020 9:46 AM PT

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9:44 AM PT — The woman, Gina Michelle Bisignano, took to her Facebook page to announce, “I was attacked online.”

Here’s Exhibit A of lockdown fatigue meeting plain old bigotry — and the end result is, you guessed it … She added Nazi and brainwashing accusations too … Originally Published — 7:14 AM PT Unfortunately, she comes off like a big ball of 2020. County Department of Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer.

Overzealous Fan Tried Fighting Mike Tyson After Roy Jones Jr. Bout

— because some wacko swung on him trying to prove something … but when they responded to the scene, all parties had left and no report was taken. and then proceeded to reach into his waistband, as if trying to pull out a weapon. We’re told the guy took off — and our sources also say some folks on Mike’s team recognized him from a previous signing, where they say he also tried starting trouble. TMZ Sports has learned. Our sources say Mike’s team jumped in right away before things got ugly. When he walked over to do some signing, we’re told a man in the crowd yelled out to Mike … Sources familiar with the situation tell us … Mike was leaving Staples Center Saturday night after his bout with Roy — which was called as a draw — and on the way out, he came across a small group of fans looking for autographs. Our sources say Mike jokingly responded, joking with the dude that it probably wouldn’t end well for him. 😂— Boxing on BT Sport 🥊 (@BTSportBoxing) November 29, 2020

Law enforcement sources tell us cops got a call about a possible battery involving Mike Tyson around 11 PM PT (well after Mike tussled with Roy) … as “Two of my uncles fighting at the barbecue.” 😂— Mikh (@MHailgh) November 29, 2020

Next thing you know, we’re told the dude swung at Mike … #TysonJones is scored a draw! 12/1/2020 1:00 AM PT



Mike Tyson almost got into a second fight after stepping into the ring with Roy Jones Jr. Roy Jones Jr. asking why he wouldn’t let the guy fight him. 👀Mike Tyson agrees.Roy Jones Jr not so much… While we’re glad Mike is okay, the dude who tried him should really consider himself lucky — and NOT pull this stupid stunt again if he knows what’s good for him. Snoop Dogg really described Mike Tyson vs.

Cardi B Shouts Out ‘Very Strong Girl’ Fighting Brain Cancer

Cardi’s so moved, she poured out her heart about Lyric … As Cardi says … and urging them to keep holding on. whose story, Cardi says, should remind all of us to be kind and appreciate everything we have. That’s evident by the fact the rapper says so many people have DM’d her about Lyric … 12/1/2020 8:00 AM PT

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@iamcardib / Instagram

Cardi B’s getting inspiration today from a little girl named Lyric … Lyric is a “very strong girl” from Houston who is fighting brain cancer and has undergone 4 surgeries, but she’s still smiling and spreading joy. saying she feels like she has it tough sometimes, but now realizes it’s nothing compared to what Lyric is going through, and that’s truly inspiring. and obviously, love her and want her to get better. Funny thing is, Lyric seems to be making other people better by being such a shining light despite her ordeal, and putting a smile on their faces. Finally, Cardi shouts out Lyric’s mother and commends her for being strong as well, and says she’s sending prayers and love to Lyric and the whole family …