Cardi B Shouts Out ‘Very Strong Girl’ Fighting Brain Cancer

Cardi B Shouts Out ‘Very Strong Girl’ Fighting Brain Cancer

Cardi’s so moved, she poured out her heart about Lyric … As Cardi says … and urging them to keep holding on. whose story, Cardi says, should remind all of us to be kind and appreciate everything we have. That’s evident by the fact the rapper says so many people have DM’d her about Lyric … 12/1/2020 8:00 AM PT

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Cardi B’s getting inspiration today from a little girl named Lyric … Lyric is a “very strong girl” from Houston who is fighting brain cancer and has undergone 4 surgeries, but she’s still smiling and spreading joy. saying she feels like she has it tough sometimes, but now realizes it’s nothing compared to what Lyric is going through, and that’s truly inspiring. and obviously, love her and want her to get better. Funny thing is, Lyric seems to be making other people better by being such a shining light despite her ordeal, and putting a smile on their faces. Finally, Cardi shouts out Lyric’s mother and commends her for being strong as well, and says she’s sending prayers and love to Lyric and the whole family …