Baltimore Family Discriminated Against Over Dress Code Announce Lawsuit

Baltimore Family Discriminated Against Over Dress Code Announce Lawsuit

they’re moving forward with a lawsuit against Atlas Restaurant Group. Mills makes another interesting point here — saying this situation could’ve easily gone left if cops were called and things escalated. Document

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Mr. Yep, we got a young activist on our hands, and he’s a pretty awesome kid! You’ll recall, Marcia pointed out there was a white kid wearing an almost identical outfit to Dallas’ … The writing was on the wall for legal action. based on Marcia’s video. Donte says ARG’s apology simply doesn’t cut it — as it fails to fully acknowledge the wrong that was done … Play video content


Marcia Grant

Marcia, and her attorney Donte Mills, explained how Dallas has been effected, and how they’re trying to make him understand … In that same breath, Donte says it point-blank … but, for some reason, he’d been allowed entry. Marcia tells us what Dallas is doing now in the aftermath — and it sounds like he and some friends are planning to speak out about the injustice he suffered. That’s another thing they’re trying to make clear with their suit. Dallas told us how the whole experience made him feel, and it’s heartbreaking. She told us her son never experienced blatant racism like that, not first-hand. Marcia Grant and her 9-year-old son, Dallas, came on ‘TMZ Live’ Tuesday to announce a forthcoming lawsuit against Atlas Restaurant Group — the company that controls Ouzo Bay, which discriminated against them over a dress code that wasn’t evenly applied … 6/30/2020 12:38 PM PT

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The African-American mom who was refused a table at a Baltimore restaurant says she’s taking the joint to court, because its apology’s coming up short. he did nothing wrong. something Marcia echoed to us last week.