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Lara Trump Says if Trump Can’t Win in Court, Then Subverting Electoral Process is On the Table

Lara Trump went on Fox Sunday and groused about all the alleged fraud and cheating in the election. It’s illegal in most states for legislators to turn on their voters and rig the electoral college system. Of course, that’s ridiculous, especially because Biden played it safe and coronavirus has ravaged the maskless Trumps. It’s both shocking and yet not really surprising. Play video content


Fox News

She somehow thinks Joe Biden could not have gotten 80 million votes, because he only had a dozen people at some campaign events. Lara, who seems to be flirting with a 2022 Senate run in North Carolina, is mimicking her father-in-law, who’s spinning voter fraud claims on Twitter. Thing is … So now, she’s saying going to state legislators to try and overturn the results is an option. he’s got no evidence, and evidence — not Donald Trump — is king. 11/22/2020 1:12 PM PT

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Fox News

The wheels have fallen off Donald Trump’s court challenges, so his daughter-in-law now says they’re entertaining the prospect of getting state legislators to subvert the democratic process — and break the law — by pressuring them to switch to pro-Trump electors. The fatal flaw … her in-law had way more than a dozen chances to make that case before a judge, yet he’s been thrown out of court left and right … Lara Trump says there are 74 million people who voted for Trump who are angry at the results. presented no evidence of voter fraud. and schooled by angry judges who say the challenges are a big waste of time — because Trump and co. Well, that’s called losing, and we’re guessing many of them may be upset but not necessarily inclined to rig the process so the loser becomes the winner.

NYC Underground Swingers Party Broken Up By Sheriff’s Deputies

which is said to have been hosting upwards of 80 people — a big no-no under Gov. The Sheriff’s Office even snapped a shot of one of those rooms, plus a price sheet going over rates, and what looks like a box of condoms! Cuomo’s new 10-person-or-less rule. The cops say they found three couples having sex in a small room — apparently, this swinger joint — which goes by Caligula, of all names — has services for that if you’re looking to get busy. This is almost a complete 180 from what went down in neighboring Buffalo just the night prior — when Sheriff’s deputies and county health workers tried barging in on a packed business meeting to shut it down, only to get chased off by the mob. Just a thought! 11/22/2020 11:41 AM PT

NYC Sheriff

A bunch of free-spirited sex revelers had their good time cut short by cops in the Big Apple — an interesting contrast to another attempted New York bust gone bad. The guy reportedly also got dinged for booze infractions. Maybe the Erie County crew should call up the city boys and get a few pointers on how to go about handling these types of situations. Oh, and there were some people making whoopee too … The NYP reports that the manager was hit with lots of fines … which amounted to about $16,000 for violating emergency measures issued by the state. NYC Sheriff

Sure enough, there was a rager going down — music was blasting and people were mingling and sipping on booze, which the Sheriff’s Office says was being illegally served. NYC Sheriff

All in all, two organizers and one patron were charged with misdemeanors — and the place was cleared out. The NYC Sheriff’s Office busted in and broke up an underground swingers club early Sunday morning in Queens … all together.

Tyler Perry Studios Attracts Thousands for Early Thanksgiving Giveaway

the hand-off of goods was all curbside pickup, and everyone receiving a care package was asked to wear masks. Tyler’s done everything from tipping the hell out of a local restaurant staff — with upwards of $20k-plus — and also picked up the tabs of grocery shoppers in NOLA and Atlanta earlier this year too. Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta became the site of incredibly long lines of cars Sunday morning as folks came from all over to jump on the food drive giveaway the studio dubbed TPSGiving … The TPS employees were covered in PPE from head to toe as well, so by all accounts … 11/22/2020 10:44 AM PT

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Exclusive Details


Courtesy Of Tyler Perry Studios

Tyler Perry was in the giving mood this weekend — and it appears thousands more were in the receiving mood ahead of an extremely challenging Thanksgiving. Check out this drone footage TMZ obtained that shows a bird’s-eye view of the scene — you can see traffic backed up all along the surrounding freeway there … promised to offer up nonperishables as well as gift cards to the first 5,000 families to pull up to their grounds … Courtesy of Tyler Perry Studios

TP and co. and the people heard them loud and clear, because the cars started arriving as early as Saturday afternoon, and only grew bigger going into Sunday — with the drive going from 8 AM ET to noon. The charitable deed is nothing new on Tyler’s part, especially as the pandemic has ravaged much of the country. it was as safe as can be for this type of thing. which aimed to feed 5,000 families. Courtesy of Tyler Perry Studios

As for how it was carried out, Tyler’s staff made sure to keep coronavirus in mind … and word on the ground is that it was even more packed than what this shows.

Elephant Rescued from Well in Crazy Video

The majestic beast fell into a deep well in India and rescuers jumped into action. It was an incredible feat. The rescue effort began in daylight Thursday but extended into darkness, as the elephant was secured by ropes and then a crane was dispatched to lift the creature. and it only took 12 hours!!! The dilemma — how to pull all that tonnage up to solid ground. 2 others have fallen into Indian wells recently … It was freed from the ropes and stood with obvious relief. with cheers from rescuers and onlookers. Apparently, wells are an attractive nuisance for elephants … So, who said elephants couldn’t fly!?! When all was said and done, the elephant emerged from the darkness … 11/22/2020 8:09 AM PT

This tops every video this week … The elephant’s fine! not to be confused with Indian Wells outside Palm Springs. it was lifted from the base of the well and ascended. The animal was sedated and slowly … an enormous elephant hoisted from a well and pulled to safety …

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Dog Lupo is Dead

They turned Lupo loose to see which piece of paper he would tap … RIP and Lupo was happily adopted by William. Getty

Lupo, which means wolf in Italian, is responsible for Prince George … The couple announced the sad news, saying, “Very sadly last weekend our dear dog, Lupo, passed away. 11/22/2020 9:57 AM PT

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Prince William and Kate Middleton’s beloved dog, Lupo, has died … Lupo was 9. Lupo, an English Cocker Spaniel, has been the face of the breed for several years and is responsible for the gain in the breed’s popularity across the pond. a dog that was responsible for choosing the name of the future King of England. well, sort of. sure enough, it was the one bearing the name George. The pooch is the offspring of a dog owned by Kate’s parents … He has been at the heart of our family for the past nine years and we will miss him so much.”

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media. Back when Kate was pregnant, she and William reportedly wrote a bunch of names on paper, which were strewn across their floor.

Dr. Dre, Nick Cannon Host Feed Your City Event in Compton

The event is timed around Thanksgiving, where people could get free groceries including, of course, turkeys. The Feed Your City Event is 10-events strong, and it was held in numerous U.S. a sign of just how desperate things are as we enter month 9. This year the giveaway includes PP supplies. Many other cities are also hosting free food giveaways in the days leading up to Thanksgiving. Food banks have been stretched to the limits, so these additional efforts are true lifesavers for folks in need. cities.

Also involved in organizing the event …  Among them … 11/22/2020 8:27 AM PT

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Folks struggling with the pandemic and all of its fallout got a big break Saturday, with celebs and others pitching in to help feed those in need.  Everyone socially distanced and masks were plentiful. The lines for groceries have been unbearably long all over the country … Compton, where Dr.

The event was COVID-safe, with a one-lane drive-thru and another line for walk-ups. Compton Mayor Aja Brown, Power 106 and 93.5 KDAY. Dre, music industry icon Tony Draper and retired NBA star Ricky Davis sponsored the event in Compton.

Coronavirus Vaccine Could Bring U.S. Back to Normalcy By May

Premature hallelujah. there would be reason to feel relatively safe from COVID. Dr. Nonetheless, if the vaccines do indeed provide 95% protection from the virus — and especially if you choose the people with whom you interact face-to-face based on their inoculation status … May could be the sunset month for the vaccine, since half the country seems opposed to getting the shot. around half the country would be vaccinated and the good Doc thinks that opens the door to a restoration of normal life. Dr. Maybe. The problem … CNN

Light at the end of the tunnel!!! Slaoui went on to say 20 million doses would be shipped out in December, and 30 million a month thereafter. Moncef Slaoui, the chief scientific advisor to Operation Warp Speed, told Jake Tapper Sunday on CNN, the drug companies — notably Pfizer and Moderna — are ready to ship out millions of doses of their vaccines as early as December 11, the day after anticipated FDA approval. 11/22/2020 7:00 AM PT

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ADIOS COIVD!!! When you do the math, by May … Because there’s now a plan to vaccinate like crazy and get this country back to something that resembles normal by May, 2021.

David Spade Auditions for TMZ Photog By Interviewing Squirrel

and he’s so good he may get a callback!!! A yeomen’s effort, David. David persists, but the squirrel isn’t having it and scampers off into the field. @davidspade / Instagram

David Spade must be struggling, because he’s apparently auditioning for the job of TMZ photog … The critter was very tight-lipped — probably because his mouth was filled with nuts. 11/22/2020 9:49 AM PT

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TAKE A STAND YOU RODENT!!! some of them questionable. Nevertheless, David peppered it with questions … David put his cellphone to questionable use Saturday, when he interviewed a squirrel about the pandemic. it’s okay to ask the squirrel about lockdowns, but asking the rodent to talk smack on Fauci — well, that crosses the line. Note to David …

Oxford Scientists Slam Facebook For ‘Censorship’ Over COVID Mask-Wearing Article

Tom Jefferson authored a paper called, “Landmark Danish Study Shows Face Masks Have No Significant Effect.” They based the article on a study done in Denmark in which 6,000 folks were divided into 2 groups — half wearing masks outside their homes and half not wearing masks. It assumes Facebook can tell us what to think about everything from auto repair to cancer … at least, that’s what critics charge. Jefferson told the Daily Mail, “It is censorship and it is one of the reasons we face a global meltdown of free thinking and science.”

On the scientific front, the study did not address what appears to be an indisputable fact … According to the study, the infection rate for mask-wearers was 1.8%. The rate for those who didn’t wear masks was 2.1%. There is nothing in this article that is ‘false.'”

Dr. That said, on the subject of censorship, this is exactly what critics have been screaming but few have cared to listen … it seems that any effect masks have on preventing the spread of the disease in the community is small.” That was enough for Facebook to step in and call BS, slapping a warning on the article and adding that it was “checked by independent fact-checkers.”

Professor Heneghan railed on Facebook, saying, “I’m aware this is happening to others — what has happened to academic freedom and freedom of speech. that masks do reduce the spread of COVID-laced droplets and that’s just common sense … if someone who is infected wears a mask it’s harder for the droplets to escape into the air.

The study called the results “inconclusive,” but the 2 Oxford doctors went further, saying, ” … to make Facebook the gatekeeper of the information we receive is fraught with peril. 11/22/2020 7:39 AM PT

TMZ/Getty Composite

Two Oxford scientists have skewered Facebook, claiming the company is engaged in anti-democratic censorship by flagging their article on mask-wearing “false information.”

Professor Carl Heneghan and Dr.

Tanya Sam Stops Filming for ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Over Stripper Scandal


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Tanya Sam on 'RHOA'

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We’re also told that as of right now, Tanya’s so ticked off she’s not even considering doing the reunion show when the season wraps up. Our sources say Tanya’s not happy about the alleged stripper sex incident being so heavily promoted for the upcoming season, so she stopped filming about halfway through. We’re told she had other issues too — like her relationship with her fiance and his alleged cheating taking center stage on season 12 — but the stripper scandal was the last straw. one woman’s walking away mid-season. 6. 11/22/2020 1:00 AM PT


“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” is known for some steamy scenes, but apparently season 13 gets so wild … Our sources say she hasn’t officially quit ‘RHOA,’ but she’s done for the new season … so viewers will notice her drop out after a few episodes. Season 13 premieres on Dec. As for why … and what they may or may not have done when cameras shut down. well, we’re told it revolves around Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party and what Tanya and Porsha Williams did with a male stripper while cameras were rolling … production sources tell TMZ. Tanya Sam — who’s not an official Housewife but a “friend” of the show — has officially bailed on filming the rest of the current season …

‘Bachelorette’ Clare & Dale Ignore Cheating Rumors, Spending Thanksgiving Together

Our sources say they plan to split their time between Sacramento and NYC due to their jobs. Sources close to “The Bachelorette” couple tell TMZ … They got drinks afterward, and that’s when the rumor mill churned out talk that he was seen smooching on women. despite cheating rumors. one of the women Dale was hanging with is married, and the other has a boyfriend. As you know … they’re ignoring claims that Dale stepped out on Clare … Our sources say they place no stock in recent reports alleging Dale was kissing women in NYC last week. Clare’s time as ‘Bachelorette’ was unprecedented, as she and Dale hit it off so intensely he proposed to her just days into filming her season. Regardless, Clare was unfazed by the gossip and met up with Dale in his hometown in South Dakota a few days later. ICYMI … Gallery

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Dale Moss Hot Shots

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Gallery They say it’s absolutely untrue … Dale — a former football player turned model — was photographed walking around the city with a few models last week after they worked a Hugo Boss event together. we’re told there’s still no trouble in paradise. We’re told Dale flew to Sacramento to meet Clare, and they’ll be heading down to San Diego to feast on turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie with family and friends on both sides. 11/22/2020 12:50 AM PT


TMZ Composite

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss are already engaged, but they’re taking their relationship to new heights by spending a holiday with each other’s families … She shared a romantic pic of the meetup. they’ll spend their first Thanksgiving together on the West Coast. She said yes, and as of now … Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

John Daly Underwent Cancer Surgery Early In Hopes of Playing Golf Tourney with Son

In fact, Daly’s so confident, he recently entered the PNC Championship along with his 16-year-old son Little John Daly so they could play together during the Dec. 54-year-old Daly was diagnosed with bladder cancer back in September — but he’s been fighting like hell and recently told us straight-up, “I’ll beat this sh*t, f*ck cancer.”

Gotta love John Daly! The issue … We’re told John is doing well so far and is in good spirits — and remains confident he’ll give Tiger Woods and his son a run for their money! Unfortunately, doctors have told John his cancer battle could take years to fully conquer — but we’re told he’s a gamer and he’s up for the fight. So, John took the bull by the horns and bumped up the procedure — which took place on Wednesday — so he could have enough time to recover and get himself ready to play in December. 17 to 20 event. 11/22/2020 12:40 AM PT



John Daly is recovering after undergoing a surgical procedure related to his cancer this week — a procedure he bumped up in hopes of playing a golf tourney with his son in December. doctors recently told Daly they wanted him to undergo a procedure connected to his treatment — and the timing could have clashed with the golf tourney.

Kenny Rogers Estate Sues Longtime Friend Over Farewell Tour DVD

and now his estate is suing. The estate is adamant Junkermann knew he had no right to go forward, but still struck a deal with a distributor. Most importantly, the estate doesn’t want fans confusing Junkermann’s DVD with its own farewell tour project. Gallery

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remembering Kenny Rogers

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Earlier this year, the estate says it blocked the release of the DVD but it cost nearly $290k in legal fees to get it done. LinkedIn

The estate claims Junkermann ignored that condition and went ahead and made a DVD filled with “priceless and irreplaceable audio, video, photographic and audiovisual content that were compiled over the course of Kenny Rogers’ decades-long career.”

What’s more … 11/22/2020 12:30 AM PT


One of Kenny Rogers’ longtime friends did NOT know when to fold ’em, because he allegedly produced an unauthorized DVD of Kenny’s farewell tour … They say it’s not up to Kenny’s standards and would damage his brand. The estate claims Kelly Junkermann, an employee and friend, went rogue after he recorded Kenny’s last tour and tried to release a DVD called “Kenny Rogers — The Gambler’s Last Deal.”

According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, the estate claims Junkermann convinced the singer to let him shoot the farewell tour — but Kenny made it crystal clear the footage would be for Kenny’s personal use only … So, they’re suing for damages and for an injunction blocking Junkermann’s DVD from ever coming out. the estate claims Junkermann made repeated requests for approval to use the content, but was repeatedly denied verbally and in writing. and NOT for commercial release.

The Miz Demands to Sing at Ryan Cabrera’s Wedding, I’m Dead Serious!

The WWE star says all the lessons he learned putting out his “Hey Hey” diss track prior to WrestleMania this year should give him a leg up if it comes time to grab the mic at the wedding. Now, as somewhat of a reward, he says he’s gunnin’ to belt out some tunes at their impending reception!! As for the newly engaged couple, The Miz says he’s straight-up thrilled they’ve found love with each other … saying he deserves the role at Alexa Bliss’ and Ryan Cabrera’s upcoming nuptials — ’cause he helped set them up!! 11/22/2020 12:20 AM PT

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WWE superstar, reality TV legend … That’s all that matters!”

Hear, hear! The 40-year-old has been buds with Cabrera for nearly two decades — and after he met Bliss through the WWE, he says he basically helped bring the two together. “Ryan played mine and [my wife] Maryse’s wedding, like he played our first song — our first dance,” The Miz told us. “To have me play your wedding, he did it for me, I should do it for him!” The Miz says. and now, wedding singer?! “It’s just tit for tat.”

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media. The Miz tells TMZ Sports he’s ready to add that last item to his resume … telling us, “They’re happy. The Miz says don’t expect him to be all that bad!! “So, I think it’s only right for me to return the favor.”

And, if it ends up going down …

Quarantine Beards — Let It Grow, Let It Grow!

Let it grow! Let it grow! Let it grow! Let it grow! All day at home you’ll be warm! but the standards are turned way down low … But, as long as you love it so … And since we’ve no place to go … And your beard could use some chopping … 2020 doesn’t show signs of stopping … When we finally kiss goodnight … How I’ll hate how it’s the new norm … Let it grow! stay at home, we’re still complying … Let it grow! and your beard grows so delightful … But if you really grow it right … Your fuzz is terrifying … Let it grow! Let it grow! 11/22/2020 12:01 AM PT


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The Growing Trend

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Oh the virus outside is frightful … Let it grow!