‘RHOBH’ Stars Kyle Richards, Kathy Hilton, Dorit Kemsley All Have COVID

‘RHOBH’ Stars Kyle Richards, Kathy Hilton, Dorit Kemsley All Have COVID

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ … We’re told all 3 ladies are in the end stages of the virus, and should be ok. Turns out even if the crew member was COVID-free, production would have shut down because nearly half the stars contracted the virus. Kyle Richards, Kathy Hilton and Dorit Kemsley have also tested positive for COVID-19. As you know … We’re told they are all recovering at home and none of the women had serious symptoms. Gallery

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Stars Who Battled Coronavirus

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Our sources say Kyle, Kathy and Dorit did not contract COVID on set, but Kathy and Kyle were hanging out together — after all, they’re sisters — and Dorit was along for the ride. The series started filming its new season toward the end of October, and our sources say there were safety protocols in place including testing and temperature checks … but that couldn’t stop a COVID outbreak from impacting production. 12/2/2020 12:41 PM PT



The COVID concerns pausing production on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” run way deeper than an infected crew member … ‘RHOBH’ shut down production last week after a crew member tested positive for the virus. we’ve learned several cast members also have the virus.

Ex-Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh May Have Died Without Will, Family Says

The family’s asking for access to Tony’s accounts and safe deposit box to see if there are any estate planning docs in them. Document

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Tony’s fam says they’re “unaware of the existence of a fully executed estate plan” and “have a good faith belief” that Tony, who was unmarried and had no kids, died without leaving a will. The family also says a special administrator is needed to tend to Tony’s “business obligations and commitments that require funding from assets that are presently frozen.”

Forbes estimated Tony had a net worth of $840 million before he retired as Zappos’ CEO earlier this summer. 12/2/2020 12:24 PM PT



The death of ex-Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh was tragic enough, but now his family is shocked because they believe he might not have written a will for his reported $840 million net worth. No shocker there, but in the docs, obtained by TMZ, they claim he didn’t have a will in place when he died the day after Thanksgiving. Tony’s father, Richard, and brother, Andrew, are asking a Clark County, Nevada judge to appoint them special administrators of Tony’s estate. Tony, who made his initial fortune after selling his internet advertising company to Microsoft in 1998, died last week after sustaining injuries suffered during a house fire in Connecticut. He was 46.

‘Mad Max’ Villain Hugh Keays-Byrne Dead at 73

then returned to face off against Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy as Immortan Joe in 2015. As you’d imagine … Miller also cast Hugh in the scrapped DC movie, “Justice League: Mortal.”

That’s not all he’s known for though — Keays-Byrne also starred in several British and Australian projects, including “Stone,” “The Chain Reaction” and “Resistance.”

He had more than 50 acting credits to his name spanning nearly 5 decades. Filmmaker Ted Geoghegan announced the Australian actor’s passing and hailed him as “an unsung hero of Aussie cinema” — adding he’s “continually floored” Hugh played the main villain in both ‘Mad Max’ movies. He was 73. It’s true — Hugh became famous for starring opposite Mel Gibson in the 1979 film as the central antagonist, Toecutter … So far, Hugh’s cause of death is unknown. RIP 12/2/2020 12:54 PM PT

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Remembering Hugh Keays-Byrne

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Hugh Keays-Byrne — the actor who impressively played the bad guy in both the original “Mad Max” and “Mad Max: Fury Road” 36 years later — has died. he’s the only actor to appear in both flicks, and he and director George Miller had a very good working relationship over the decades.

Rafer Johnson Dead at 86, Olympic Legend and American Hero

For those interested in making a donation in Rafer’s honor, the family asks to go through The Special Olympics Southern California Rafer Johnson Tribute Fund — which can be accessed here. he was such an insane athlete, the L.A. In fact, Johnson ripped the gun away from Sirhan and hid it in his own pocket to prevent any more violence. Johnson served on the CSO board of directors for 2 decades before joining the Board of Governors. Johnson lived such an amazing life as an athlete, actor, philanthropist and hero — it’s hard to pick where to start when telling his story … RIP four years after he won silver in the same event at the 1956 Olympic Games. Johnson married his wife Betsy in 1971 and they had 2 children together — daughter Jennifer Ann Johnson and son Joshua Ray Johnson. After his storied career as an athlete, Johnson became an actor — appearing in a bunch of movies including “Wild in the Country” with Elvis Presley, “Pirates of Tortuga” and even the 1989 James Bond flick, “A License to Kill.”

Rafer was also a key figure in launching the Special Olympics in 1968 — and co-founded the California Special Olympics in 1969. He was 86. How about this … Rams selected him in the 28th round of the 1959 NFL Draft as a running back despite never playing a single down of college football! Johnson passed away Wednesday morning at his home in Sherman Oaks, CA surrounded by his family. Oh, and he also worked for the Peace Corps! he was one of the brave men who tackled and subdued gunman Sirhan Sirhan seconds after Robert Kennedy was assassinated back in 1968 at the Ambassador Hotel in L.A. Both kids were also star athletes at UCLA! And get this … 12/2/2020 10:44 AM PT

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Rafer Johnson — a decorated Olympian and American hero — has died, TMZ Sports has confirmed. Getty

He was a 2-sport athlete at UCLA — running track and playing basketball. As an athlete, Rafer won a gold medal in the decathlon at the 1960 Olympics in Rome …

John Mulaney Says ‘SNL’ Joke Sparked Secret Service Probe

12/2/2020 10:16 AM PT


John Mulaney’s “Saturday Night Live” joke about how Julius Caesar was killed drew the ire of some Donald Trump supporters, but even crazier … Though he made no mention of Trump, the joke was enough for right-wing sites to call him out for allegedly insinuating a violent act should be done to POTUS … Go ahead and watch the joke for yourself … The comedian’s ‘SNL’ monologue from February included the fact Caesar started leap year to correct the calendar, but then he joked the Roman general was such a “powerful maniac” that a bunch of senators stabbed him to death. Mulaney says the agent who questioned him was respectful and quickly determined his joke was harmless and he was not a threat … he says it made him the target of a Secret Service investigation. Mulaney then added … and Mulaney says the Secret Service contacted him about it. sounds like even John sensed he might be crossing the line. it would be interesting if we brought that back now. but nevertheless, the comedian says he now has an official Secret Service file opened on him.

Sasha Obama Dancing Front and Center in Fun TikTok


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Obama Family Photos

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Barack recently said his girls have mostly been living at home with him and Michelle since March … because she’s blowing up on TikTok. appearing front and center as they bust moves to Popp Hunna’s “Adderall (Corvette Corvette).”

The 19-year-old sophomore has mostly avoided the public spotlight since her family left The White House, but it certainly seems like she’s enjoying life while keeping a low profile. Sasha doesn’t have her own TikTok account yet, but if she gets one — based on the response to this 15-second video — she might give Charli D’Amelio a run for her money on followers. Former first kid Sasha is the standout star of one of those choreographed TikTok dance vids with a handful of her college friends … but apparently, Sasha got some time away from her parents. Though Sasha’s getting a lot of love online for her instant TikTok stardom, it’s also notable she’s hanging with a group of friends despite ongoing COVID restrictions … 12/2/2020 9:30 AM PT

Barack and Michelle Obama’s youngest daughter’s just like college-aged daughters all around the world … without masks or social distancing. And, to be clear …

NASA Scientists Confirm Object That Flew By Earth is Old Rocket Booster

Not likely, though. NASA

NASA scientists were able to definitely prove what they already thought by comparing spectral data from another Centaur booster to 2020 SO … it’s just a Centaur rocket booster from Surveyor 2’s doomed mission to the moon in 1966. that it likely launched from Earth. Of course, scientists will be able to more closely observe the object as it approaches to determine exactly what it is … Originally Published — 11/30 3:58 PM PT and found they were consistent. Gallery

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Space Out on Celebr-E.T.s

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Instead, CNEOS director Paul Chodas is on record saying he believes the object is the Centaur rocket booster from NASA’s failed Surveyor 2 lunar mission … which launched way back on September 20, 1966. 12/2/2020 10:42 AM PT

10:36 AM PT — It’s confirmed — the unknown mass that sped by our planet early Tuesday morning was not an asteroid, proof of alien life or anything else extraordinary … nobody’s sure what the heck it is. There’s a mysterious object hurtling toward Earth right now that will whiz past us early Tuesday morning, and in perfect 2020 fashion … Great work, everyone! However, scientists at NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) soon began to postulate it wasn’t an asteroid or even a “natural body” at all. and here’s to hoping it’s more exciting than a hunk of space junk. The object was discovered by the Pan-STARRS survey in Hawaii back in September, and initially, it was believed to be an asteroid measuring an estimated 15-33 feet across. Chodas used a bunch of computer science and math to track 2020 SO’s orbit backward to come to the conclusion … The unknown space mass has been dubbed “2020 SO,” and is set to fly by our planet at an extremely close, but safe, distance of 31,605 miles at 3:50 AM ET December 1.

Erika Jayne Sued for Allegedly Hiding Money with Sham Divorce

Edelson claims Girardi also needed the money to help keep his own law firm afloat, claiming it was is in financial peril from various loans. so far, no word back. We reached out to Erika … 12/2/2020 10:42 AM PT

TMZ Composite

Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi funded a lavish lifestyle with money intended for plane crash victims and now they’re hiding assets with a sham divorce … And, then there’s this … The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star and her lawyer hubby are being dragged into court by the law firm Edelson, which is suing him for allegedly embezzling money from a settlement intended to compensate the families of victims of the crash of Lion Air Flight 610. according to a new lawsuit. Edelson also claims Erika filed to divorce Tom in order to help him hide assets, claiming it believes the November divorce is nothing more than a sham. According to the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Edelson — which also represented the plaintiffs in the Lion Air litigation — claims Tom used the settlement money to fund his “outrageous lifestyle” with Erika.

TikToker Films Moment Man Allegedly Breaks into Her Home

when the guy opened her patio door and started to walk inside. so, for now, she’s not sleeping at her place. Hagerstown Police Department

Cops later arrested Angel Moises Rodriguez-Gomez and charged him with 2 counts of burglary, second-degree assault, stalking and malicious destruction of property. He muttered something in Spanish before asking Hannah, “Am I your friend?” Hannah replies, “No” and tells the guy to leave her apartment. She walked out of her apartment, while the man appeared to exit from the balcony door. You see Hannah immediately startled as the man opens the door. He was later released on bond … which Hannah says is pretty terrifying. She told FOX5 Rodriguez-Gomez lives in a nearby building … 12/2/2020 8:32 AM PT

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unexpected break-in

Tik Tok/@hrviverette

A moment of meditation quickly turned into a frightening one for a woman whose TikTok recording caught the moment a man allegedly busted into her home. This went down in Hagerstown, Maryland where Hannah Viverette was about to start recording her dance moves …

L.A. Cops Tase Man Trying to Help at Car Accident Scene

referring to the man who was being tased. so they tased him. L.A. due to the use of force. 12/2/2020 8:10 AM PT

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A man who tried to flag down cops to assist with a car accident is now hospitalized after deputies tased him — but cops say they took him down because of how he was acting. We’re told both men — who are related — were taken to a hospital to be evaluated for injuries. While the second man was cited for battery and obstruction and released … In the video, you see another man run out of a nearby house and yell, “He’s not in his right mind” … The entire incident is under investigation by the Sheriff’s Dept. People on the scene say the man was trying to get the cops’ attention for the accident victims. we’re told the guy who was tased is still in the hospital. County Sheriff’s deputies were responding to the car crash Tuesday when the man ran into the street and blocked their patrol car. Deputies also took down the second guy, slamming him to the ground … However, law enforcement sources tell us the man got hostile when deputies got out to speak with him … without deploying a taser.

Taylor Swift Teases ‘Love Story’ Rerecord in Ryan Reynolds Match Ad

While Taylor makes it sound like she’s far from done in the studio, she says Ryan hit her up asking to use a snippet of her new “Love Story” in the ad and she wanted to give fans a sneak peek. Taylor says she’s hard at work rerecording her first 6 albums, because she wants ownership of the songs. Remember, her masters were scooped up by Scooter Braun and recently sold again, and Taylor’s pissed about not owning her own work. Taylor and Ryan teamed up to pimp the dating site Match, and the commercial features the singer’s redo of her 2008 track, “Love Story.” It’s the first time fans are getting to hear what Taylor’s re-recorded masters sound like. Check it out and decide. in a hilarious new ad starring Ryan Reynolds as the devil. Taylor's New 'Love Story'

Something Went Wrong

OG is way better

Sounds the same

As a bonus, the commercial is funny as hell … What’s interesting is whether there’s any discernible difference from her original 2008 track. https://t.co/0vBFXxaRXR— Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13) December 2, 2020

As you know … Working hard to get the music to you soon!! Okay so while my new re-records are NOT done, my friend @VancityReynolds asked me if he could use a snippet of one for a LOLsome commercial he wrote so…here’s a sneak peak of Love Story! emphasis on Hell. 12/2/2020 9:14 AM PT

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Taylor Swift is teasing her first rerecorded hit song …

NYC Bar Busted for Defying COVID Restrictions, Patrons Vow Protest

chanting “Hands off Mac’s Public House.”

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media. 12/2/2020 9:24 AM PT


A Staten Island bar’s ripping a page from Seattle protesters’ playbook by declaring an “autonomous zone” that’s defying New York’s COVID-19 restrictions … Co-owner of Staten Island bar 'Mac's Public House' arrested after refusing Cuomo covid order to shut downCity released statement: "Covid-19 doesn't respect autonomous zones and neither does the Sheriff…"WATCH ARREST HERE: pic.twitter.com/VIvinRZ39x— TalkRadio 77 WABC (@77WABCradio) December 2, 2020

As Presti was being hauled out of his pub, a dozen or so patrons gathered outside in protest … Andrew Lanza showed up in an attempt to play peaceful mediator between Presti’s lawyer, angry supporters and the authorities … and its patrons seem willing to go down fighting. while also trying to get an explanation why Presti was arrested. Sheriff’s deputies raided Mac’s Public House and shut it down Tuesday night for defying coronavirus health orders … As the unrest grew outside the bar, State Sen. Referring to the government, he shouted, “If they fear you, they won’t f**k with you!!!”

Things definitely could get interesting tonight in Staten Island, which by the way … it was continuing to serve customers indoors. Play video content


@scottlobaido / TikTok

The guy posted his call to action as the raid was going down, pointing out what he feels is the hypocrisy of the new lockdown rules, and says he wants a thousand people lined up in front of Mac’s to protest. is a state-designated coronavirus hot spot. One of the owners, Danny Presti, was arrested for not cooperating during the raid — and his loyal customers are pissed. Gallery

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Inside Seattle's "CHAZ"

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Getty It doesn’t seem like it came to a satisfactory conclusion though, especially for one fan of Mac’s who’s trying to rally a massive demonstration Wednesday night.

WWE Legend Pat Patterson Dead at 79, First Gay Wrestling Superstar

His body as an in-ring performer, his mind as a storyteller, and his spirit as a beloved member of our large WWE family. Love you, Pat. The rest is history and years later, here I am writing this post.”

Triple H — “No words can describe what he gave to us. I will miss him for so many reasons … He began wrestling in the 1950s — and finally joined up with WWE in the late ’70s, where he famously engaged in a series of awesome matches with Sgt. True legend of the pro wrestling business. I love you Pat. Patterson was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 1996. I wanted to create something special.”

Pat famously came out as gay during a 2014 episode of “WWE Legends House” … Patterson — who considered himself wrestling’s “first gay superstar” — was a key part of WWE for decades, widely known as Vince McMahon’s right-hand man. His mentorship shaped careers, his creativity sparked innovation and his friendship lifted spirits. Pat became the company’s first Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion in 1979. He helped lay the foundation for WWE as we know it. “WWE extends its condolences to Patterson’s family and friends,” the company said Wednesday in a statement. 12/2/2020 12:15 PM PT

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WWE legend Pat Patterson — the man who created the “Royal Rumble” — has died, the organization confirmed. In his book — “Accepted: How the First Gay Superstar Changed WWE” — Patterson explained how the Rumble came to be. Abooze.”

Shane McMahon — “I can not express how crushed I feel right now with the loss of Pat Patterson. It was a powerful moment. Vince McMahon — “Pat Patterson was more than the first Intercontinental Champion & father of the Royal Rumble Match. opening up in front of guys like Roddy Piper and Jimmy Hart.  A wonderful mentor who taught me so much. “The first Royal Rumble was on January 24, 1988, in Hamilton, Ontario. God speed.”

Jim Ross — Just heard of the passing this morning if the great, Pat Patterson. RIP old friend.”

Stephanie McMahon — “I’m deeply grateful to have grown up with WWE Hall of Famer, the first-ever Intercontinental Champion, the father of the #RoyalRumble and the first openly gay wrestler of his generation. We miss you.”

The Rock — “Rough phone calls to get this morning to tell me, our dear family member, Pat Patterson who was my pro wrestling mentor and father figure has passed away.”

“He was also responsible for calling Vince McMahon when I was training to become a pro wrestler (my $7 bucks days) and said, ‘Vince you gotta see this kid work in the ring.'”

“Vince flew me to RAW a few weeks later and I had my first match EVER in Corpus Christie, Texas. RIP

The tributes are already pouring in … Love you, Pat. A true member of my family, mentor and dear friend. He was 79. At that point, Patterson joined McMahon as a WWE exec — and in 1988, he pitched the idea for the Royal Rumble. The difference between WWE’s Royal Rumble and a traditional over-the-top rope battle royal is that the participants come into the match at two-minute intervals — not all at the same time at the beginning of the match. Thank you for teaching me how to not take it all so seriously. Patterson later became a color commentator for WWE — and continued to work in the ring and in the booth until he retired in 1984. it’s never goodbye, it’s see ya down the road. Slaughter. Abooze.”

Disney’s ‘Pocahontas’ Star Irene Bedard Arrested Twice in Three Days

The second time around, Irene was only booked for disorderly conduct before she was released, once again, without bail. The officer on that case says he tried talking Irene down, but again she appeared wasted and was combative. BPD notes her son didn’t want to press charges and just wanted his mom to get help — but they took her to the station and booked her for domestic violence, assault and resisting arrest. Police claim Irene, who is Native American, said something to the effect of, “Look, they sent the white man to come get me!” The report also says she appeared incredibly intoxicated, reeked of booze and had trouble standing straight. Her first arrest went down at Irene’s ex-husband’s house in Beavercreek, OH — where cops responded to a possible domestic violence situation on Friday night. She posted bond … Her ex told cops Irene showed up pounding on his door and when he let her in, she started yelling at their 17-year-old son … 12/2/2020 12:50 AM PT


Irene Bedard, the actor who voiced Pocahontas in the Disney film, is way too familiar with the back of a police car after what cops call 2 wildly-drunken incidents over 3 days. So far, no word back. So much so, he claims she charged at him, and he had to pin her down to cuff her. and allegedly kicked him as he tried to restrain her. but a few days later, on Monday, Irene was arrested again when Beavercreek PD was summoned to a hotel where Irene was allegedly harassing the front desk clerk. According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, officers found the actress with a belt in her hand. Cops also say it took several officers to drag her into jail. We’ve reached out to Irene. Cops claim that continued as she kicked and screamed while they tried to get her into their cruiser.

Spectacular Blue Smith Busted in COVID dispute for Allegedly Assaulting Disney World Staff

But, the rapper allegedly responded, “I thought it was.”

The report says the employee then tried to get the rapper to get out of the line … Smith was arrested for battery. cops say Smith’s son told them his dad “lost his balance falling to the ground” while trying to duck under the worker’s arm … According to police, there were witnesses who heard SBS and the employee’s exchange. The staffer was taken to a nearby hospital — turns out he suffered a concussion. and when he reached out for something to grab, “accidentally punched [the worker] on his face.”

Police say the employee told them he was in shock and thought he lost consciousness. Spectacular Blue Smith took to Instagram after the incident … saying, “Then you’ll think it’s hilarious if I asked you to step out of line.” When SBS refused, the employee allegedly put his arm out to stop the rapper from moving. who told cops he tried to block Smith for fake sneezing and joking about coronavirus. saying, “The more success you have as a black man, the bigger target you are.” He said there are 2 sides to the story and said he’ll wait for his lawyer’s go-ahead to give a full account of his side. He ended his post with “Y’all know my character.” For what it’s worth … That’s when, according to the police report, Smith punched the employee on the right side of the jaw/temple area. 12/2/2020 6:54 AM PT

Orange County Sheriff’s Office

Spectacular Blue Smith was busted for allegedly punching a Disney World worker … Cops say there were others who witnessed the rapper allegedly punch the employee. He posted $500 bond. The Pretty Ricky rapper was at Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom Monday night where he allegedly pretended to sneeze before saying, “coronavirus.” According to the police report, a Disney World employee didn’t think the stunt was funny, and told SBS as much.